New "Scratched Glasses" Give Perfect Vision


Bifocals and trifocals allow people with limited vision to see objects at varying distances, but only by refocusing on the object from a different vantage. A scientist named Zeev Zalevsky responded to this problem by developing a lens that allows the user to focus on any distance out from 33 centimeters.

It involves engraving the surface of a standard lens with a grid of 25 near-circular structures each 2 millimetres across and containing two concentric rings. The engraved rings are just a few hundred micrometres wide and a micrometre deep. “The exact number and size of the sets will change from one lens to another,” depending on its size and shape, says Zalevsky.

The rings shift the phase of the light waves passing through the lens, leading to patterns of both constructive and destructive interference. Using a computer model to calculate how changes in the diameter and position of the rings alter the pattern, Zalevsky came up with a design that creates a channel of constructive interference perpendicular to the lens through each of the 25 structures. Within these channels, light from both near and distant objects is in perfect focus.

“It results in an axial channel of focused light, not a single focal spot,” Zalevsky says. “If the retina is positioned anywhere along this channel, it will always see objects in focus.”

Salman Khan gets Rs10 crore


This is the highest sum paid to any actor in Bollywood.

Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan walks during a promotional event for the Hindi film "Chillar Party" in Mumbai. (AFP) Salman Khan has been paid a whopping sum of Rs 10 crores as the signing amount for his next film. 

This is the highest sum paid to any actor in Bollywood as the signing amount of a film. No actor has received more than three crores as a signing amount  - the last one being Salman Khan himself.

When one hears that the man who has paid the said amount as the signing fees is Boney Kapoor who has been going through such troubled times that he has taken up a job at the Sahara group, the said development is even more surprising.

Well we will tell you why Boney Kapoor paid him such a fee. Not many are aware that Slalman Khan did not take more than Rs 7 crore as the final amount as his fees for working in a film like Wanted.

Boney had told him that he would pay him handsomely for the next project that he did with him. So for the film No Entry Mein Re-entry Salman takes home a nine figure signing amount - the best Bollywood has ever paid any of its actors.

World's most expensive car: Sold


A unique version of a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L'Or Blance is seen in Berlin, Germany. Bugatti and Berlin's porcelain manufacture KPM (Koenigliche-Porzellan-Manufaktur) launched a special edition of the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport with a special lacquer design and porcelain applications by KPM for the price of 1.65 million euro ($2,388 million). (AP)

A UAE resident has bought a custom-made Bugatti L’Or Blanc – the world’s most expensive car in the world – for an estimated $2.4 million (Dh9 million).

According to a Bloomberg report, Bugatti – which makes the world’s fastest cars – has tied up with German porcelain maker KPM in order to fit in a porcelain caviar tray in the custom-made car. There is little known about the owner of the car except that he own around 200 exotic cars.

"Installing porcelain in the world's fastest convertible car seems like a pretty odd idea ... but Bugatti has made a name for itself by not shying away from extravagant ideas," said Stefan Brungs, Bugatti's sales chief.
The streamlined vehicle, which has a white exterior with royal blue lines, has also been fitted with porcelain wheel badges, fuel caps and oil caps.

The car was introduced recently in Berlin, Germany.

The most expensive car title was earlier held by Bugatti 300 Veyron 16.4s with an estimated price of $1.74 million.

Most Awesome Tombs: Suhrawardy Udyan


The great thing about this tomb isn’t that there are three sheiks buried here, or that Mujibur Rahman made his declaration of independence from Pakistan here. Although we admit that’s pretty awesome and we bet that’s really important to the Bangladeshis.
No, what’s great about it is that it’s not just a tomb, it’s a race track. So you can go, pay your respects to some of the great cultural titans of Bangladeshi history, and then blow a wad at the track gambling. It just does not get better than that.

Most Awesome Tombs: Nizami Mausoleum


Sure, we could mention that Nezami Ganjavi is a giant in Persian literature, composing some of the greatest epic poetry in the Persian tradition. We could mention that it’s great that for once, somebody who isn’t some rich jerk or foppish royal gets a really awesome tomb. We could mention that it was actually rebuilt in 1991 to make it more grandiose.
But we’re sorry, it looks like a dong. I mean, come on. Look at that thing. It’s a dong. It’s obviously a dong. Who approved the dong-tomb? Who’d Nizami offend that he’s buried in a Brutalist Johnson? By the way, “Brutalist Johnson” would make a great name for a band, or a professional wrestler. You can use it.

Most Awesome Tombs: Hamilton Mausoleum


The Dukes of Hamilton in Scotland went on a major building tear in the 1800s, building a huge, elaborate palace and this mausoleum to go with it. This being Scotland, not exactly a quiet place, the mausoleum is all that’s left. But it’s still pretty impressive, standing at 123 feet tall and with more fancy stone and bronze work than you can shake a Victorian walking cane at. Also, due to the curving dome and the height, supposedly this is the place of the longest-lasting echo known to man. Which we guess makes up for nobody outside of Scotland knowing who the heck they are.

Most Awesome Tombs: Khomeini’s Tomb


Yeah, Ayatollah Khomeini was, by most reasonable standards, a jerk, what with the bombings and the religious sectarianism and the escalation of Mideast tensions and, oh yeah, the ongoing violent repression of his own people. But if we learned anything from this list, it’s that it’s good to be king when you’re dead, and as a result he’s getting not just a tomb, but a religious center with a massive parking lot that’ll take up about twenty square kilometers. He’s been dead for more than twenty years, and they’re still building this thing. At this rate, Iran will actually have a democracy before this is finished.

Most Awesome Tombs: Grant’s Tomb


Ulysses S. Grant was, of course, one of the greatest generals ever seen by the North and helped save the Union from being run by ignorant rednecks… well, at least for a while, anyway. So when he passed on, giving him the grand send-off was a pretty big deal, and they buried the guy in a scale model of the Capitol building. We’re not kidding; it’s got a rotunda, murals that we’re sure Mr. Grant appreciates what with being dead and all, and everything. About the only thing it doesn’t have is a snack bar, and we’re sure that’ll be put in eventually: this is America, after all. Cinnabon is probably already hiring a contractor.

Most Awesome Tombs: Kimsusan Memorial Palace


Say what you will about Kim Jong Il (we will: he’s crazy, he’s obnoxious, his pompadour is tacky as all get-out) but this guy does not do things half way, whether it’s his epic hair or burying his relatives. When his dad, Kim Il-Sung, bought the farm, instead of burying him, he literally turned his father’s office and place of residence into his tomb. He had the place fully renovated, his dad thoroughly embalmed like a knock-off Lenin, and now official state tours can come to visit and see just what he looks like. It has, apparently, never struck Kim Jong Il just how creepy this actually is.

Most Awesome Tombs: Adham Khan’s Tomb


Adham Khan’s life story is pretty complex, so we’ll just boil it down to this: his tomb is unique in Mughal architecture, with its octagonal design, because he betrayed a major political figure and that guy was a bit upset. It’s thought the octagonal design designates Adham and his mother as traitors, clearly illustrating that some people just can’t let go of a grudge.
Still, it’s a pretty impressive place, with lots of halls and beautiful design that people get lost in, usually literally: its local nickname is “the Labyrinth”. And it’s so beautiful that the British, on discovering this and showing their usual respect for the local culture, turned it into some dude’s house. The graves were pulled out so he could have a dining room, though we’re kind of surprised they didn’t just use the sarcophagus as a table or something. And if that doesn’t seem disrespectful enough, the British agreed with you: they later turned it into a post office. And they wondered why the Indians rebelled so often.


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