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TAIPEI, Taiwan -- With the prevalence of online sales, there are more and more conflicts between online sellers and buyers. Some sellers will refuse buyers requests when buyers ask to return or exchange products. Consumers' Foundation, Chinese Taipei reminded people yesterday that in online trade, customers still have seven days to examine products after they receive them; if they are not satisfied with the products, consumers can return them to sellers without any reason or expense.

From statistics of Yahoo online sales, the number of sellers whose sales are above NT$1 million has increased 77 percent in a year. Many online sellers turn from Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) to Business-to-Consumer (B2C).

Consumers' Foundation emphasized that under C2C, consumers have no right of examining products in seven days, however, under B2C, consumers own this right. Consumer's Foundation stated that sellers should actively point this rule out to consumers.

When asked how to differ business-sellers from consumer-sellers, Consumer's Foundation illustrated that if the sellers have three or four products that are all the same, or if the sellers have many available sizes for one style of shoes or clothing, consumers can infer that they are business-sellers, thus consumers have the right of "examining products in seven days.

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